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I love life. I am into music, art, literature, philosophy and I am obsessed by the future. I started my career as a teacher of literature, switched to sales, sales and marketing management and was leading international manufacturing businesses for many years as general manager. I have always been focusing on business model innovation and customer centricity and I have been an early adaptor of technology and digitization to outrun competition. I implemented my first CRM in 1989, was fast with marketing and sales automation and even run my production planning on an early AI. Technology is an enabler, not a threat.

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business and life in the day after covid-19

You had been building this amazing 5 year plan. Business was growing, your ambitions were high and then all of a sudden a gigantic meteorite called COVID-19 struck our planet and caused a major standstill of life and business. The world will never re-start in the old mode. You have loads of questions. How will the post-COVID-19 world look like? What can companies do today to survive, strive and win after the harsh winter of COVID-19?

managers the day after tomorrow

In January 2018 Rik finished his book “Managers The Day after Tomorrow". He had been struggling with the fact that writing a book about technological changes and fast changing times is an almost impossible mission by definition: a book is static. The recent happenings about the pandemic however, are a pretty good reason to re-discover the book.

The content of the book has evolved as the context has changed over time and so has the meaning of the content. In this keynote, Rik revisits Managers The Day After Tomorrow from the perspective of the new challenges to better understand the new Day After Tomorrow and how managers should prepare for that New Normal.

curiosity did not kill the cat

We know that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. But are we aware that a culture can kill companies in no time? The good old ‘robust’ culture was killing companies in the past and it will be killing even more companies in this era of lightspeed and devastating changes to come. Change that culture while you still can and start very simply by implementing an essential new KPI, which is the perfect antidote for the ‘robust’ culture: the Net Curiosity Score (#NCS).

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My book


Technology is creating a perpetual state of business revolution, to keep in tune, a manager needs to be open for the new normal, has to read to signs of change, to focus on the customer and to dare to experiment. . . Above all managers have to connect to many and to engage individuals in order to help their business models to survive.

In this book, Rik reveals the forces of this changing world, so that managers could hold on to new insights to develop their own Day After Tomorrow.

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