managers the day after tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow will be here soon. Managers shouldn’t be taken by surprise. Having been a managing director in the ‘good old’ textile industry for over 25 years, I do understand how challenging these fast changing times are for managers and their teams and why they do ask these questions:

Will my company still be there in 2030-2035 or are we going to be crashed by digital disruption anyway?

How are we still going to be relevant to people and society by then?

2020-2030 will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for managers and companies to take the pen, write their own future scripts and outrun competition like never before.

If you want your company to start surfing the waves that lead to The Day After Tomorrow: this is your keynote. I promise to provide the audience with the toolkit, the understanding how and why and the energy to start surfing tomorrow with a vibrant surfer mindset.

curiosity did not kill the cat

We know that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. But are we aware that culture can kill companies in no time.

The old normal is not fully dead and the new one is not fully born. We have entered the Twilight Twenties: the in-between zone. It is the time of monsters and creeps. There are no scripts for that twilight zone and those that travel it based on assumptions will not survive. Assumptions will kill.

Start implementing one essential new KPI which is the perfect antidode for the old normal culture: the Net Curiosity Score (#NCS).

What is curiosity? How to create it? How to measure? How to enhance it? What are the enablers? The barriers?
If you want to create the right company culture to travel through these Thrilling Twilight Twenties, this is your keynote

the Smart ecosystem economy

The business environment has been reshaped dramatically in between 2000-2020 due to technological waves that have changed people and society way faster than most companies were able to cope with. But these devastating waves were just the opening moves of a very exciting endgame that is going to unfold in the next decades to come. Companies need to play the game. Not playing it is not an option.

Business leaders and management teams are very aware of the fact they need to become platform players and be part of ecosystems, but there is a jungle of hypes and buzzwords out there that seems to grow by the day and it isn’t making it easier to decide how and where to start.

Let me tell you: The Endgame is not that complicated. In this hands-on keynote I explain the simple rules of the game and how to play it .

If you want your company to enter the smart ecosystem economy in no time, this is your keynote.

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