We are entering the 3rd decade of the 21st century. The Zeros were ‘The Brewing of the Perfect Storm’. The Tens were ‘The Tipping Point’. In this keynote Rik brings a brief history of the forces that shaped this century so far and that are going to define our New Normal. He makes clear that at the end of 2012 we have passed a tipping point in history. The Old Normal is not dead yet and is fighting for survival and the New Normal is not born yet and is eating its way into society and business. The business models of today are all just transformational forces in a future that is being written right now. Nothing we see is going to be the final version. We need to see things as they can become.

Rik calls the third decade ‘The Twilight Twenties’, a zone in which everything is possible and the best and worst can and will happen, in which hyper-connected people will be more tribal and more divided than ever before, while at the same time, industries will no longer stay in their lane but will all melt down into one boiling red ocean, fighting each other over the same customer data trying to create hyper personalized customer experiences. In The Twilight Zone, the future is being made.

In this keynote, Rik shares a toolkit to travel the Twilight Zone, with the #NCS or the Net Curiosity Score as the North Star, because knowledge and experience only won’t get us to the other side.

In this brand new keynote, Rik explains WHY the #NCS is a matter of survival, HOW to measure, promote and cultivate curiosity and WHAT to do to transform and activate the input that is collected by this curiosity. He deals with  extreme customer centricity, values, culture, management and organisation, HR, technology, big data, AI and the introduction of new KPI’s. “The #NCS (how to travel the Twilight Twenties)” is the logical sequel to “Managers the Day After Tomorrow”. It is the next step.

If you want to guide your company through the Twilight Twenties, motivate your people to be more curious about the endless possibilities and if you want to know how to develop new business models for 2030 or beyond, than this is your keynote topic.

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