Algorithms rule the world: they impact how we work, how we live and how we buy. By 2035 they will have changed the fabric of society just as much – if not more – as the introduction of electricity and the world wide web.

In this keynote, Rik Vera will show you how these algorithms have already become the driving force behind every successful organization, brand and customer experience. Most of all, he will help you appreciate the immense potential of the algorithm economy. Where some fail to see beyond the horror stories – loss of jobs, ethical issues, privacy, filter bubbles, fake news etc. – Rik will expose how a smart combination of Big Data, algorithms and automation can enrich every company: from the small first steps – open to every type of company – that you can make tomorrow to the breakthrough changes that have the potential to make a dent in the universe.

Let Rik take you on a journey to the future, in the company of many concrete success stories: from Total’s algorithm-driven dynamic pricing in its gas stations to Assa Abloy’s AI-written quotations or Volvo that predicts which car parts will need to be replaced or repaired. The algorithm economy will have no more secrets for you.

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