Everything is changing at the speed of light in the world of business. Leaders have to connect to the many and at the same time be able to engage the individual, if they want to survive in The Day After Tomorrow.

But where must they start? How can managers look 30 years forward into an increasingly complex and uncertain future and translate this outlook into a workable plan for the next 3 months? What drives the new consumer? Why should everything be fast, fun and easy? And why is data the new oil and A.I. a blessing?

The answer is clear. To keep evolving, you have to let the world inspire you, you must zoom in on the needs of the customer, focus on the possibilities out there and keep experimenting.

This keynote is also the title of Rik’s latest book “Managers the Day After Tomorrow, Connect to many and engage individuals.”


This keynote is also available as a half day or full day workshop.

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