Everything is changing at the speed of light in the world of business. Leaders have to connect to the many and at the same time be able to engage the individual, if they want to survive in The Day After Tomorrow.

But where must they start? How can managers look 30 years forward into an increasingly complex and uncertain future and translate this outlook into a workable plan for the next 3 months? What drives the new consumer? Why should everything be fast, fun and easy? And why is data the new oil and AI a blessing?

The answer is clear. To keep evolving, you have to let the world inspire you, you must zoom in on the needs of the customer, focus on the possibilities out there and keep experimenting.

Rik Vera has just written a book called: “Managers the Day After Tomorrow, Connect to many and engage individuals”, and he will use this brand new content in his keynote. Rik is a strong believer that the whole society has flipped over into a new one. Customers have been dragged into a digitized world that started as a non-important ‘underworld’ in which new business models developed under the radar screen of traditional companies. Now that underworld has flipped to become our new world, traditional companies question their own survival. Rik takes the audience on a fast track along the first waves that re-defined our world (internet and mobile) and then makes clear that we are only at day 2 of the New Normal. The next ‘big thing’ is not there yet, but will be a combination of big data, AI and robotization. Either we are afraid of the future or we fully embrace it as a brand new market, with no specialists yet, with low hanging fruit and relatively low entry costs.

In order to understand how to develop a strategy for their own Day After Tomorrow, Rik urges managers to unlearn what they have learned and learn to think IN the new normal.

To unlearn one has to know what he knows. Rik takes his audience on a journey that describes customer interactions over time. From Relation 1.0 to 5.0 and he

makes clear why the interactions between a company and customers have changed dramatically since 2010-12 and is still shifting into Connect to many Engage Individuals (C2MxEI). Rik’s infinite CIA model is an eye-opener. Customer 5.0 is a new breed. He/she is


Companies better understand the physics of the new world

Customers become the centreof their own worlds and see interactions with companies as human-to-human and Rik builds an Extremely Customer Centricity Circles (E3C) business model that helps companies to act upon this power shift. Rik introduces the TREEPrinciple of developing a super-exponential business in The Day After Tomorrow:

Technology first
Red Ocean
Engaged customers

Rik’s keynote is a tsunami of images, stories, examples, references to books and ideas and pictures a holistic view upon management in The Day After Tomorrow and he combines inspiration, insights and the tools to start acting tomorrow.

Prepare For An Artificially Intelligent Future

In the next years, the offline world will completely digitize. Are you ready for that? Is your company?

Picture all the technology that exists that can already replace what you do today, and then think of the speed at which all things digital are evolving. Now perform the same exercisefor your organisation. And be honest. Many of us freeze when we think of this evolution and we keep focussingon Today and Tomorrow. But as Peter Hinssenputs it “The Day After Tomorrow will be here a lot sooner than you think and take you by surprise if you don’t prepare for it now”. And Artificial Intelligence will be a big part of that future. Time to stop ignoring it and explore how we can turn it into our benefit. Don’t expect purely technological explanations in Rik’s story. This keynote explores how we need to let our customers’ behaviourand needs lead our companies and which role highly intelligent technologies need to play in that.


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