The digital tsunami has dramatically changed life, society, customers and business environment. It did not happen all at once, but entered our lives in waves. One wave developed on top of the other.

The www.-wave just digitized existing business models. The wave of social and mobile turned the interaction between companies, brands and customers upside down from B2C to C2B. And the platform wave killed central authority and gave us C2C empowerment and blockchain. The first companies and brands that dared to surf the waves when they were still small, have conquered the world in no time. Rik explains which strategy they used and what we can learn from this.

But there is more: a next wave is developing to become even more powerful than these previous ones: the combination of big data, AI and robotization/autonomization. The good news is that companies can start to surf that wave today. Just be aware that it’s not an option, but a requirement. Rik will explain how you can change your company, culture and business model into one that is ready for this brave new world. We are at the very start of something huge that is going to change society and business like never seen before. This is the moment to outrun competition. Rik tells you why you need to surf this wave, how to do it and what you can start doing straight away.


This keynote is also available as a half day or full day workshop.

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